Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My dog on the river: Delaware

            I had taken my dog down to the river to have some fun and pirate adventures in the woods.  I got to a part of the river and I found a boat pulled up on shore.  I thought, COOL! I put my dog in the boat and tied him to the front of the bow, pretty tight.  I thought, it would be so cool to paddle down river and back.  I pushed the boat off the shore and put my foot in the boat and the other was still on land.  The boat pulled away from the shore way faster than I thought it would and I was doing the splits. Next thing I know I am laying on the shore as the dog and the boat were floating backwards into the river.  I wanted to walk out into the river to get the boat, but I thought the bottom of the river was full of mud that would suck you down till you drowned and if not there were large crawdad’s that would bite your toes.  I was in a panic.  Here was my doggie going down the river with the current and me not able to do anything.  I was hoping the dog would not try and jump out the the boat as his leash was so short he would have hung himself over the edge of the boat.  The boat kept going downstream till it finally hit a bunch of branches off of a fallen tree and the boat got stuck there.  I ran upstream where there was a large water pipe that ran across the river, big enough around that I didn’t have to worry too much about falling off.  We would always cross that instead of using the street.  I ran downstream and fortunately the dog and boat were still stuck in some branches as the boat laid against the shore.  I was able to get into the boat and then I paddled it a little more downstream until I hit the other bank. Got me and my dog out. I ended on leaving the boat there. I bet the guy who owned the boat was wondering how his boat got where it was.
(This is true, the names have been changed to protect the innocent.)

test completed


  1. I didnt know you lived in Delaware. So was your dog mad at you??

  2. No, the dog was not mad, LOL. But the bad part and I forgot to add it, was he was tied tight with a leash to the bow of the boat and had he jumped over the edge of the boat, he would have hung himself. I was such a smart kid back then.
    By the way, I am going to be posting my life on here mostly for me, but others can enjoy it.